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    Ocenaudio is a great free sound editing software. I have been using it for months now but I had a weird problem with it the other day. The problem occurred just after I updated my MacBook to macOS Mojave 10.14.2.

    I tried to record some audio and the software as if did not see my microphone. When recording I could see the sound line just flat, I was recording silence :/ I have checked all the sound settings in both ocenaudio and my Mac but everything seemed to be fine. Also, I could record sound in other applications without any problems.

    Since it was taking my time I decided to drop a line to ocenaudio team and get their support. They are great, around one hour late I have received following message:

    If you are getting only silence while you are recording, try to check if ocenaudio has permission to use your microphone.

    They also added a picture:
    Microphone permissions Mac

    Of course, I followed the instructions and indeed, as soon as I have changed mike permission and re-launched the application, I could record sound again.

    So, if you have a similar problem, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Microphone and make sure that you tick the box next to ocenaudio.

    By the way, many thanks to ocenaudio team for great support.

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    Thank You!! Problem solved.

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