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Lost or forgotten Windows password – how to reset it

In this article you will find out how you can reset Windows 10 password.

A friend of mine brought me his two laptops and told me that he had forgotten Window passwords and if I could help.

After booting both computers I encounter the familiar screen asking to put the password which, of course, I didn’t know. After about an hour I have managed to reset these passwords and unlock both laptops. I thought that there must be quite a few people with this problem and that it is worth to write about it an article.

When you google and try to find a solution to this problem, you are likely to find official Microsoft guide advising using so-called Reset disk. The problem is that the majority of people did not bother to have one so this solution will not work.

But there is a solution in the form of a handy little program called Lazesoft Recover My Password. First, we need to download this program and use it to create a drive. Then, we need to change the BIOS settings of our computer. Finally, we need to reset Windows password. Here are detailed instructions on how to do all these steps 🙂

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