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How to connect Bluetooth speaker to Mac

Today I have a tutorial that will help you to pair your Mac with a wireless Bluetooth speaker. It is a very simple process that takes only a minute and I’m sure that this information will help a lot of people.

Before we start, quick information about Bluetooth speakers. You need to know that there are usually two modes that the speaker can operate. The first one is for pairing. In other words, in this mode, the wireless Bluetooth speaker can be seen by your Mac or other devices for the first time and secure connection is established and the details of if are stored on your Mac. The second mode is just for connecting the speaker to the Mac, but after the pairing has already taken place.

In other words, you need first to pair two devices for the first time. And then they connect almost automatically.

So even before you start the process, you need to check the speaker’s documentation on how to trigger these two modes. Perhaps it’s not necessary for new devices but there are plenty of wireless speakers that need to follow this procedure. After this short explanation, I can start the actual tutorial.

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