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How to transfer files from Android phone to Mac

In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to transfer photos and other files from Android to Mac computer.

We know that many big companies create so-called ecosystems, an environment and functionality that works seamlessly together. It is a case with Apple where, all iPhones, iPads and Mac computers work well together. And to a certain extent, it is also the case with Android devices and Windows PCs.

But what happens if we try to connect and send some photos from Android phone to Mac PC? Nothing 🙂

Yesterday it happened to me. I have recently bought a Mac mini and use it for work but because I think iPhones are overpriced, I use an Android phone (Mi MIX 2S to be more specific). So yesterday I wanted to upload a short unboxing video from my phone to my Mac. I connected both devices via USB cable but nothing happened. The computer did not recognize the Android system and the file transfer was not possible.

But after doing some research online I found the way, I managed to connect my Android Phone to Mac and transfer the files. BTW, if you want to transfer one or two small files, it might be easier to connect two devices via Bluetooth. However, transferring large files like videos via Bluetooth is problematic, so you can follow the steps below.

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How to speed up Android phone

Today a quick and easy trick to speed up an Android phone.

Android phone users, myself among them, can notice that the performance of their phone gradually decreases during the months after the purchase. No matter how advanced the phone is, after a few months, opening apps and multitasking take a bit more time than before. There are several reasons for this to happen, the most obvious is an increased number of apps running in the background and consuming valuable resources.

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How to show the battery percentage on Android phones

In today’s quick tutorial you will find out how to display a percentage sign on battery icon of your Android phone. This works in Android Marshmallow operating system, if you have different version of Android, you need to do some more research or look for some applications in Google Play.

Android phones display battery status in percentage but only when the phone is on charge. Many people prefer to see it all the time as this gives more information about the battery status than the bar icon.

Luckily we can very easily activate this option and there is no need to install any app to do so. Here’s how to do it.

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How to switch on Night Light on Android phones

When you use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop with bright screen before going to bed, you may experience problems with falling asleep. The blue screen light looks similar to sun light and your brain ‘thinks’ that it’s the middle of the day. It keeps itself active preventing you to sleep.

One of the possible solutions is to use ‘Night Light’ or ‘Night Mode’ which is a ‘blue light filter’ making your display use warmer colours at night. It helps to reduce eye strain and can help you to sleep better.

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