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Simple SEO advice for new website owners

Today instead of standard tutorial I decided to write a short article with SEO advice for people that have just started. The amount of information they face is daunting and it is very easy to loose sign of the most important fundamentals and principles. So I will briefly describe what did work for me and what can probably work for them. It is not going to be long article but I hope it will help, let’s start.

#1 Write about specific topic

Although repeating keywords again and again can actually damage search result ranks of your website, certain focus on the subject is required. When writing an article keep in mind the main subject and try to avoid moving to other topics. For instance, if I am writing now about SEO advice, I do not want to write too much about “website speed”. Yes, this is important factor and I can mentioned it but writing entirely about it would change the whole subject of the article (it should be “Website speed as ranking factor” or “How to increase website speed”).

If your article gets too long, you may divide it into two or three posts, each about specific, well defined subject. Yes, you should use your keywords but write naturally and always keep reader in mind. If you focus on the subject and write good article, you in a way will be forced to use keywords.

#2 Write interesting, useful or entertaining stuff

It would be great to be able create awesome articles but not everybody can do it. And I believe that these awesome articles are not a prerequisite to be successful (in the same way that the most talented sportsmen and not always are the most successful ones). However, you need to give your readers certain reasons to visit your website. Why they should visit your website instead of one of the many, many others? Why they should choose you? You need to offer them something! They offer their free time, what do you offer?

There is a fierce competition on the internet and you fight with many giants employing large editorial teams of talented people. Can you compete with them? Absolutely, but it is not going to be easy 🙂 You can still compete with them by writing useful, interesting or entertaining posts and by always putting your readers first. You know, professional editors, they have deadlines, they in a rush and many of them do not care much. You, on the other hand, have only your website to focus on and a lot of time to create great stuff. Do you car? Yes,
of course you do!

Go this extra mile and help your readers even more. Create more detailed pictures and better videos. Do not be afraid to put links to good resources that can help further. Anything that will help your reader will help your too. Take some time, a couple of hours at least, when writing a new post. Do some research if required, gather more information than anybody else, try to create the best post possible about the subject and sooner or later you will be rewarded.

#3 Be consistent and patient

Do you know how many new websites are created in a day? It is difficult to say but according to some articles well over 100,000! Google and other search engines will completely ignore them for some time (sometimes long months) because they are simply offer very little to their users. A lot of them are spam or websites with irrelevant information and so on.

So you start with blank canvas like everybody else. But, let’s think about how many of these website will still be live after 1 year? How about 5, 10 or 25 years? Probably just a handful. If you want succeed you need to prepare for the long run, it is not a sprint, it is a marathon. If you stick to it and run you website for longer producing good content, over time you will have a huge advantage over newcomers. Just like established websites have got advantage over you now.

There is even another upside of this arrangement. Once you are established and popular, you will still get a ton of visitors even if you do not create regular. You will be able to slow down, take a break or longer holidays even end the your site will still attract thousands of visitors.

OK, second problem. I have already mentioned you start with a blank page, there is simply nothing there. You need to fill this canvas with good quality posts. If possible, try to write consistently. It’s great if you can publish two posts each week but even one decent post a week that will help or entertain your users will be good. I think that quality is more important than quality so instead of rushing things wait a couple of days more and create a valuable material. If you will stick to this plan after a year you should have around 50 good, valuable posts and you should get some traction. There are many different factors here, some people will get lots of visitors earlier some later but the general rule is that you need to consistently create useful articles and at some point it will bring a fruit.

This is, incidentally, one of the first articles on this website (actually it is number 7). I do not have any visitors (68 users in last 30 days, mainly me 🙂 ) but I have been in this situation before. I just know that I need to put the work in and after around a year, the website will get some traffic. It just the matter of finding energy to work for free for a year. Not everybody has this energy. Do you have it?

I hope you have found this interesting and this information will help you with your SEO efforts. As mentioned, this simple strategy worked really well for me and I am sure it is effective. I know it is difficult, there are no shortcuts and golden keys here, only hard work 🙂 But it works! I will try to prove it. One year from now I will publish another post with the stats of the website and show you how things have changed. During this year I will try to create around 50 good quality, useful tutorials and video tutorials that will help my readers to solve some technology problems. It should work! Of course it will work 🙂

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