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How to connect Bluetooth speaker to Mac

Today I have a tutorial that will help you to pair your Mac with a wireless Bluetooth speaker. It is a very simple process that takes only a minute and I’m sure that this information will help a lot of people.

Before we start, quick information about Bluetooth speakers. You need to know that there are usually two modes that the speaker can operate. The first one is for pairing. In other words, in this mode, the wireless Bluetooth speaker can be seen by your Mac or other devices for the first time and secure connection is established and the details of if are stored on your Mac. The second mode is just for connecting the speaker to the Mac, but after the pairing has already taken place.

In other words, you need first to pair two devices for the first time. And then they connect almost automatically.

So even before you start the process, you need to check the speaker’s documentation on how to trigger these two modes. Perhaps it’s not necessary for new devices but there are plenty of wireless speakers that need to follow this procedure. After this short explanation, I can start the actual tutorial.

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How do I change my iPhone lock screen wallpaper?

If you are asking yourself the question How do I change my iPhone lock screen wallpaper? this tutorial is for you 🙂 I will show you how to do it in less than 2 minutes.

Before we start, a short explanation. As you probably know, there are two types of Screen behaviours on the iPhone. They are called Lock Screen and Home Screen and you can have either two separate wallpapers on each screen or have got the same wallpaper on both. You see your Home screen when your iPhone is unlocked when you can tap the icons and use apps. The Locked Screen, as the name suggests, is visible when your iPhone is locked.

In this tutorial, we will focus on changing iPhone lock screen wallpaper but changing home screen is pretty much the same (you use the image and you are asked if you want to set this up as Home Screen, as Lock Screen or as both).

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Lost or forgotten Windows password – how to reset it

In this article you will find out how you can reset Windows 10 password.

A friend of mine brought me his two laptops and told me that he had forgotten Window passwords and if I could help.

After booting both computers I encounter the familiar screen asking to put the password which, of course, I didn’t know. After about an hour I have managed to reset these passwords and unlock both laptops. I thought that there must be quite a few people with this problem and that it is worth to write about it an article.

When you google and try to find a solution to this problem, you are likely to find official Microsoft guide advising using so-called Reset disk. The problem is that the majority of people did not bother to have one so this solution will not work.

But there is a solution in the form of a handy little program called Lazesoft Recover My Password. First, we need to download this program and use it to create a drive. Then, we need to change the BIOS settings of our computer. Finally, we need to reset Windows password. Here are detailed instructions on how to do all these steps 🙂

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How to fade in and out on iMovie (Mac)

In today’s quick tutorial we will find out how to use fade in and out effects with iMovie. This software is available on many Apple devices but I will discuss how to create these effects on Mac (the solution might be similar for iPhones and iPads).

I and many other YouTubers ditched intros from the beginning of the clips but I still think that one second fade in and out effects at the beginning and end of the clip look better and give the clip slightly more professional look. Applying these effects on iMovie is so easy and takes virtually 2 seconds that it is certainly worth doing. Here’s how to do it.

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What to do if your iPhone battery is draining fast

I recently swapped my Android phone with an iPhone and although I am relatively happy with this change, I have noticed that my iPhone battery is not great. It usually lasts for the whole day but only because I do not use my phone that much. I suspect that with a bit heavier usage, I would have to recharge it during the day. And this is a relatively new iPhone 🙁

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