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How to transfer files from Android phone to Mac

In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to transfer photos and other files from Android to Mac computer.

We know that many big companies create so-called ecosystems, an environment and functionality that works seamlessly together. It is a case with Apple where, all iPhones, iPads and Mac computers work well together. And to a certain extent, it is also the case with Android devices and Windows PCs.

But what happens if we try to connect and send some photos from Android phone to Mac PC? Nothing 🙂

Yesterday it happened to me. I have recently bought a Mac mini and use it for work but because I think iPhones are overpriced, I use an Android phone (Mi MIX 2S to be more specific). So yesterday I wanted to upload a short unboxing video from my phone to my Mac. I connected both devices via USB cable but nothing happened. The computer did not recognize the Android system and the file transfer was not possible.

But after doing some research online I found the way, I managed to connect my Android Phone to Mac and transfer the files. BTW, if you want to transfer one or two small files, it might be easier to connect two devices via Bluetooth. However, transferring large files like videos via Bluetooth is problematic, so you can follow the steps below.

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How to change game center name (nickname) on Mac

In today’s you will find out how to change your name (nickname) on a Mac computer.

I will be using my Mac Mini for this tutorial, but the process will be the same for MacBook and iMac users.

I think that due to the popularity of Mac devices with the new M1 chip, more and more people will move to Mac and many of them will try to play games.

This happened to me. For a few years, I was using both Mac and Windows but as soon as Mac got better, I decided to move to Mac for good.

I’m not a serious gamer, but I like to play from time to time and recently subscribed to Apple Arcade (BTW, you will get 3-month free trial if you buy a new Apple device).

This is when I discovered my strange Game centre name 😧 I think it was generated from my name, but it looked very strange, so I’ve decided to change it. This is how you can do it.

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How to connect Bluetooth speaker to Mac

Today I have a tutorial that will help you to pair your Mac with a wireless Bluetooth speaker. It is a very simple process that takes only a minute and I’m sure that this information will help a lot of people.

Before we start, quick information about Bluetooth speakers. You need to know that there are usually two modes that the speaker can operate. The first one is for pairing. In other words, in this mode, the wireless Bluetooth speaker can be seen by your Mac or other devices for the first time and secure connection is established and the details of if are stored on your Mac. The second mode is just for connecting the speaker to the Mac, but after the pairing has already taken place.

In other words, you need first to pair two devices for the first time. And then they connect almost automatically.

So even before you start the process, you need to check the speaker’s documentation on how to trigger these two modes. Perhaps it’s not necessary for new devices but there are plenty of wireless speakers that need to follow this procedure. After this short explanation, I can start the actual tutorial.

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How to do split screen on Mac

In today’s tutorial, you will find out how to split screen on Mac into a few working areas.

I am sometimes puzzled at Apple. It is a brilliant company, no doubt about it, but occasionally their software lacks basic functionality. An example? No problem! The icons on iPhone home screen. You cannot put them where you want, they always follow each other without allowing empty space between. So annoying.

Another example? Yes, splitting screen and creating working areas on Mac. You need to manually drag and adjust each window separately. On Microsoft PCs, however, all you have to do is to use some keyboard shortcuts to perfectly split the screen.

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