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How to send photo from iPhone to MacBook

In today’s quick tutorial, you will learn how to quickly send pictures and other files for your iPhone to your Mac computer using AirDrop.

I send pictures to my computer all the time and before when I had an Android phone, I was usually attaching them to my emails and sending them to myself 🙂 Then, I would go to my PC, log on my Gmail account and go to sent folder. This worked fine but, luckily, there’s even an easier way to send files on Apple products. This way is called Airdrop. With AirDrop, you can instantly share your documents, photos, videos, and more with other Apple devices that are nearby. In this scenario, we will see how to send a photo from iPhone to MacBook but you can transfer files the other way around or to iPads or even iPods touch.

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How to change apps and folder icons on Mac

In today’s tutorial, you will find out how to quickly customize the look of folders and apps on Mac by changing the default icons.

There was a question regarding this topic posted on our forum so I quickly found out and decided to create a small post out of it. Somebody has asked how to change Mail app icon and I am not sure if this is possible. The trick I discovered works for every app and folder but it does not work for Apps created by Apple. Mail is one of these apps and I think it is not possible to change its icon (if you know how to do it, please let me know in the comments below).

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How to display most recent email replies on top in Mac

I have recently bought MacBook and after using it for a few months I still find some features I want to change or tweak. These may be small little things like displaying time and date in format I like or, and this post is about it, changing the order of email replies in Mail app.

If you your Mail app for managing your emails, you will find that default option when reading an email conversation is, that the old messages are on top and the newest ones at the bottom. In other words, you have an opportunity to read all the email exchanges before reaching the latest response at the bottom. It may sense if you read emails of somebody from your team or suffer from memory loss, but for me personally it would be better to reverse this order and see the latest reply at the top. I usually remember the content of previous emails and even if I don’t I can quickly go back and read it.

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How to move from Windows to Mac

After using Windows PCs for almost 20 years I recently bought my first Mac. Here’s some information how to move smoothly from Windows PC to Mac.

This move can be a bit frustrating not to say painful, especially if you still use two operating systems. I still use Windows Desktop for my main work but started using MacBook for Ruby on Rails programming and when I need portable computer. What made matters worse was that I sometimes use the same keyboard for two different computers. But you can certainly do quite a few things to move from Windows to Mac less painfully. Here are some ideas and tricks I used that will help you.

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Auto capitalization on Mac and MacBook

In today’s tutorial we will learn how to switch on and off character auto capitalization on Mac or MacBook. I recently wrote similar tutorial for Microsoft Word and Google Docs users, if can check it here: How to stop words capitalization in Microsoft Word and in Google docs.

I am currently trying to learn how to program and while doing some courses, I try to make so notes. Because in my notes there is a lot of code, I did not like auto capitalization and turned off. But, using the same setting, you can also switch it on, if you wish so.

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