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Lost or forgotten Windows password – how to reset it

In this article you will find out how you can reset Windows 10 password.

A friend of mine brought me his two laptops and told me that he had forgotten Window passwords and if I could help.

After booting both computers I encounter the familiar screen asking to put the password which, of course, I didn’t know. After about an hour I have managed to reset these passwords and unlock both laptops. I thought that there must be quite a few people with this problem and that it is worth to write about it an article.

When you google and try to find a solution to this problem, you are likely to find official Microsoft guide advising using so-called Reset disk. The problem is that the majority of people did not bother to have one so this solution will not work.

But there is a solution in the form of a handy little program called Lazesoft Recover My Password. First, we need to download this program and use it to create a drive. Then, we need to change the BIOS settings of our computer. Finally, we need to reset Windows password. Here are detailed instructions on how to do all these steps 🙂

How to reset lost or forgotten Windows password

Create a bootable USB drive

1. First things first, to unlock your Windows you need to have access to another computer and download the tool. Click the link Lazesoft Recover My Password, download and install your program into another Windows machine.

2. You will also need a USB (or a CD) drive. Start the program and in a series of step, create a bootable disk. You will follow the following steps.

* After you start the program, you will see this screen, just click the button Burn Bootable CD/USB Disk Now!

Lazesoft Recover My Password

** In the second step, you need to choose the correct version of the Windows. It is probably Windows 10 but you also need to choose either 32 bit or 64-bit architecture. If you are not sure, like me, choose 64 bit as it is nowadays more popular. If it is doesn’t work, later on, go back and create a bootable disk for Windows 32 bit.

Lazesoft Recover My Password

*** Then choose what type of memory you want to use, to store your disk (I have used USB stick). Press Start button.

Lazesoft Recover My Password

**** The software will download some components required for the disk from Microsoft website.

Lazesoft Recover My Password

***** And then will ask you to format the disk. If you have any important data, move it beforehand to your HDD, otherwise, it will be lost.

Lazesoft Recover My Password

****** After the formatting the files will be copied to your USB stick and you can close the program by clicking on Finish button.

Lazesoft Recover My Password

OK, so now you have all the tools but what to do next? You need to go to the BIOS of your computer and change the order in which the machine boots. Basically, there is a chance that boots straight from the SSD or HDD. If this is the case, even though you put your USB stick in, the Windows will not notice it and will load the locked Windows.

Change BIOS settings

3. So, restart your PC or reset it by pressing the power button for a few seconds (then press it one more time to boot it again). While it boots, press Esc, F1, F2, F9, and F10 buttons a few times to enter BIOS options. Different manufacturers have got different options here so if the BIOS is not loaded, try to find in Google what key on the keyboard you need to press. The laptops I had were HP and Lenovo. With HP, you need to press Esc key to have access to a small menu and access BIOS settings. With Lenovo, you need to press F1 or F2. But, as mentioned, quickly check the manufacturer’s options or try by pressing all these buttons a few times at the same time.

4. When you access your BIOS settings, look for the booting sequence (order in which computer is looking for Windows files) and choose the USB drive as the first. Alternatively, you can move SSD or HDD at the very bottom of the sequence.

5. Now insert the USB drive you created in first steps and press F10 key to save the changes and exit BIOS (there might be a different key combination).

Reset Windows password

Your PC should start again but with the changed sequence, the software on your USB drive should stop Windows from loading.

* If everything went well, you should see the screen below. Press Enter to move forward.

Resetting Windows password

** This window will appear, just click Next. If your mouse stopped working, use the Tab key and Enter to select it instead.

Resetting Windows password 2

*** A message will appear informing you about non-commercial use. Just press Yes and then Next.

Resetting Windows password 3

**** You will then see a screen with the information what you want to do. At the top, there should be listed your operating system and at the bottom Reset Local Password. Again, just click Next.

Resetting Windows password 4

***** We are almost there:) You will see the list of the Windows accounts created on your computer. Mark the one you want to reset password and click Next.

Resetting Windows password 5

****** Here’s the last screen. You can ignore everything and just click Reset/Unlock button.

Resetting Windows password 6

When you do so, the software will delete the account’s password and no password will be required.

After you clicked the button, a short confirmation message should appear. You can restart your computer by clicking on the Windows icon in the left low corner of the screen and choosing Restart option.

While your Windows PC is rebooting, take quickly out your USB stick, otherwise, the Lazesoft software will be loaded again. Check if everything is good, the password is deleted and you can log on Windows without using it.

If everything works well, restart your computer the final time, go back to BIOS settings and change the booting order (move your SSD or HDD with Windows at the top).

That is really all 🙂 It worked 100% in my case and unlocking one PC took me around half an hour.

I hope you have found it useful and now know what to do if you lose or forget your Windows password. Please let me know in the comments below if you encounter any problems or have any questions.

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