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How to find Kindle email address

Some people want to email books to Kindle device but are not sure which email address to use it and are looking for this information online. Let’s help them out! Today a really quick tip where to find Kindle email address.

By the way, on my website there are two tutorials how to upload files to Amazon Kindle if you are not sure how to do it, please read: How to send PDF to Amazon Kindle via email or How to upload PDF ebook to Amazon Kindle via USB.

But now let’s go back to our main topic and quickly find this email address.

Where to find Kindle email address

#1 On your Amazon Kindle

I think the easiest way to find your Kindle email address is to check it on your device (I assume you have Amazon Kindle with you, if not use other method). So open your Kindle, go to the home screen, tap three dots in the top-right corner:

Find Kindle email address

Then tap Settings from a menu list that appeared.

Amazon Kindle settings

Then tap the first option from the top My Account:

My Account settings

At the very bottom of the next screen, you will see Send-to-Kindle E-mail. This is the email you need to use when sending books to Kindle.

Send-to-Kindle E-mail

All you have to do is to send your file in the attachment to this address, and after a few minutes they will be automatically uploaded to your Kindle. You do not have to put anything in Subject or Body message. I think this is the fastest method to find Kindle email address.

#2 On Amazon website

OK, but perhaps you do not have your device with you and you still want to upload some files. It is possible to find this address on amazon website. Head to amazon website and add /myk to the address (so the whole url address for customers in the US will be , customers in the UK , customers in Germany and so on).

You will be asked to log into your Amazon account. Once you log on, click on the Settings tab on the right-hand side. You will find your Kindle email address in Personal Document Settings.

Amazon website

Click the link Personal Document Settings and you should see something similar to this:

Personal Document Settings

If you like me read e-books on multiple devices or on different Amazon Kindle apps, you will find multiple email addresses, each for the corresponding device or app. Use the address of the device you want to send your book to. That is all really, once you send an email with your document in the attachment to the correct address, the document will be uploaded to the device.

By the way, it might be a good idea to edit and change these email addresses to some more memorable ones. You can do it, just click the Edit link in Actions column and type your new address.

That is all this time. I hope you now know your Kindle email address and are able to send some books to it 🙂

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