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WordPress admin login, how to make it more secure

Today we will discuss security of WordPress site. I am not an expert on the topic but I know a few little tips how to make a WordPress site more secure and I want to share this knowledge.

The WordPress is the most popular platform on the web and because of that the security threat is real. I have four WordPress websites and recently implemented some measures to lower the risk of hacking.

The three bits of information needed to log on as an administrator and take over the control over WordPress site is url address of WordPress login page, admin name and password (of course it is also possible to hack via FTP or database).

I think we should guard these three vital pieces of information but in many cases the hacker may already know two out of three key elements.

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How to create a strong password

Creating a secure, difficult to break passwords is very easy. What is difficult is to remember them 🙂 In this post you will describe a cool way for creating strong, yet easy to remember passwords and increase your online security.

To quickly create a strong password we can use one of online password generators. There are quite a few different websites that can help with that. Here are some of them:, and The problem with password created in such a way is, that it is almost impossible to remember. Here are some passwords I quickly generated:

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