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How to turn voice recording into text

In today’s tutorial, you will quickly turn a voice recording into text.

I have a new website for language learners, it is called Repeto. The website is almost finished but it is fairly blank and now we need to publish some courses. I got in touch with a few people and they send me a few voice samples. I wanted to turn them into blog posts and needed to turn recorded voice into text format.

Initially, I started playing audio and typing at the same time. But this was not very efficient. Luckily I found a far easier and faster way. Here how’s to quickly turn voice recording into text.

How to turn audio recording into text

1. First things first. You need a recorded voice. It is not necessary to transfer the file to the computer. You can keep it on your mobile phone or the recording device. The crucial part is that you need to play this file so the voice is hearable.

2. Now, go to Google docs and create a new document and give it a title. Then, go to the Tools menu and choose Voice typing. You can also use keyboard shortcut Cmd+ Shift+S on Mac or Ctr+Shift+S on Windows.

Voice typing on Google docs

A little mike icon should pop out and be visible on the document.

3. Then you need to start playing your audio and immediately click this mike. If you use your phone, move it closer to your computer mike. I use on my computer USB microphone, so basically I moved it close to the speaker so Google doc application could easily pick up the voice.

4. When you click both things, you should hear voice being played and also registered as text in the document.

Turning voice to text

5. Once the recording is over, stop the mike. At this point, you need to do some editing, like putting punctuation marks, correcting some errors. The beginning of the recording may also be missing since the audio file is played for a few seconds before the mike is activated.

That is all 🙂 Although the text is not perfect it usually pretty close to the voice and the process is so much faster than manual typing.

I think I could also use the same process when creating blog posts. Instead of typing, I could just dictate the content and then quickly correct it 🙂

How to turn a voice recording into text – video tutorial

I also created a short video tutorial showing in real time how it is done. Please have a look below, perhaps you prefer tutorial in video format:

I hope you have found it useful and that this simple trick will save some of your precious time. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

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