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How to turn on mobile data on Motorola phones

I recently got hold of my daughter’s Motorola phone (it is Moto G Play) and wanted to turn on mobile data. For some reason this option is not available in the top menu 🙁 To switch this on, you need to go to main settings of your Motorola phone and even there, it is not entirely clear where it is located. Let’s have a look at some screenshots.

Switching on mobile data on Motorola mobile phones in 4 easy steps:

#1 Go to the Main Settings of your mobile phone

As mentioned, this option is not present in the top menu, unless I miss something. So the first step is to go to the main settings. In this case the shortcut of settings was located in the main screen but if it is not there, you need to list all the applications of the phone and find it there.

Go to the main settings of your mobile phone

#2 Choose “Data usage” from the menu

I think it might be a bit misleading, but the next step is to tap Data usage from the menu. In this particular phone it is third option from the top in Wireless & network settings.

Choose Data usage from the menu

#3 Switch Mobile data on

You should see the screen below. To turn the Mobile data on, you need to move the toggle slide to the right. Just tap this slide and the Mobile data of your phone will be on. If you need to switch it off, move the toggle slide to the left (you will have to confirm this choice).

Switch Mobile data on

#4 That is it!

That is all, nice and easy. Mobile phone data is activated and provided that the signal of your network is good you can browse the internet without using the Wifi.

Mobile data is now ON

I have also created a short video tutorial with this topic for Youtube. If you prefer to see all this information in video format, please have a look:

Video tutorial “How to turn on mobile data on Motorola Moto E”

I hope you now know how to turn mobile data on your Motorola phone. As you have seen it is really easy but please let me know below if you have any questions.

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  1. hello, i have done this but when i am out of the house, i cannot connect to the internet.

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