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How to take a screenshot on Windows

Today really quick and easy tutorial how to create a screenshot. A screen shot is a copy of your Windows computer screen saved into a file (usually in JPEG or Bitmat). There are many reasons why you would like to create a screenshot. Perhaps you want to have a copy of a document that is being displayed, perhaps you want to copy a color or a font, perhaps it is not possible do download something but you still want it. Whatever the reasons might be, it is very easy to make a screen shot. All you have to do is…

How to take a screenshot on Windows in 5 easy steps:

#1 Display on your computer screen what you want to save

Not sure if any comments are needed here 🙂 Just put on the screen any content you want the copy of.

#2 Press Print Screen key on your keyboard

The key is usually located close to the right top corner of the keyboard. Sometimes it is written on it “Prt Sc” or something along those lines. When you press it a copy of the screen is created and stored in the Clipboard short-term storage area of your computer.

Press Print Screen key on your keyboard

#3 Open photo editing software

Now you need to paste what is stored in the Clipboard into some photo editing software. I usually use Photoshop for this purpose but if you do not have it, you can even use Paint that comes with Windows. Click on a small, Windows logo in the left low corner of the screen and start typing Paint. Click on Paint icon or press Enter. If you use other software you may need to create a new, empty document first, before pasting. Try to use Ctr + n or find it in the menu).

Open Paint

#4 Paste the screenshot from Clipboard by pressing Ctr + v

Once you open your software and have got new document created, press Ctr + v and paste the content of the Clipboard into the new document.

Paste the screenshot by pressing Ctr + v

#5 Tweak and save your screenshot

If you need any changes you can now edit your screenshot. For instance you could crop it, resize it, copy colors and so on. Once you’ve finished and are happy, save the screenshot to a file. For majority of my projects I use JPEG format but you can use any format that is available in the software. That’s it really, your screenshot is finished 🙂

How to take a screenshot on Windows – video tutorial

I have also created a short video tutorial for Youtube. If you prefer video format, please have a look:

I hope you now know how to screenshot on Windows but if you have any questions, please put them below.

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