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How to switch on Night Light on Android phones

When you use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop with bright screen before going to bed, you may experience problems with falling asleep. The blue screen light looks similar to sun light and your brain ‘thinks’ that it’s the middle of the day. It keeps itself active preventing you to sleep.

One of the possible solutions is to use ‘Night Light’ or ‘Night Mode’ which is a ‘blue light filter’ making your display use warmer colours at night. It helps to reduce eye strain and can help you to sleep better.

Many manufacturers include this might mode, you can find it in Apple products (it is called Night Shift), Microsoft Windows 10 (I wrote how to switch it on here How to change PC display for night time and sleep better) and even Amazon products (Blue Shade).

When it comes to Android devices, although present in some phones (like Pixel or Samsung phones) Night Light at the moment of writing this not fully implemented. I, for instance, have Motorola Moto G5 but cannot find this options. Of course, it is still possible to use this feature.

How to enable Night Light on Android

Perhaps the easiest way to do so, is to go to Google Play and install one of the special apps (just put ‘night light’ or ‘night shift’ in the search bar). I personally use an app called Blue Light Filter which had good reviews and is Editor Choice.

After the installation the app will allow you to switch the filter on and off, set up the desired colour temperature (I think that default 30% is good) and also create the schedule when the Night Light will apply automatically. That is all, the app worked perfectly well for me. At the scheduled time, in the evening, the screen colours on my Android screen got warmer and in the morning it was back to normal blue light again. Please have a look below at the screenshot of this app with Night Mode off and on:

Blue Light Filter App

Android Nougat Devices: Enable Hidden Night Mode

If your phone has got Android Nugat operating system (check if it is Android 7 at the bottom of Settings, just below About phone there should be listed version number) you can also use Night Mode Enabler app. Before you install it and turn it on, you need to first enable System UI Tuner, which will give you access to some hidden menus. So the whole sequence of installing it will look like:

  • First enable System UI Tuner. Pull down the top menu by sweeping with your finger twice. You should see whole top menu with little cog in the top right. Press this cog icon for a few seconds. If you release, the cog should spin and small wrench should be displayed next to it. It means that the System UI Tuner has been switched on.
  • System UI Tuner

  • You can access it from the main Settings, in my phone it is third option from the bottom, look for ‘System UI Tuner’ and tap it. You can see some of available options (you can for instance display percentage on the battery all the time).
  • System UI Tuner

  • Now download and install Night Mode Enabler
  • Tap the app icon to open, and press ENABLE NIGHT MODE button:
  • Enable Night Mode

  • Some additional options will be displayed, make sure that the main toggle is switched On. It also makes sense to have ‘Turn automatically’ option selected so the filter is activated automatically every evening.

That is all, I hope you have found it informative. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

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