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How to switch GPS and Location Services on iPhone

Another quick tip, this time how to switch on and off GPS and Location Services on iPhone.

If you want to use on your iPhone mobile phone application that use your location, you need to activate first so called ‘Location Services’. This is quite straightforward but for some strange reasons Apple engineers decided to hide this option a bit and it might be frustrating to find it. The other day I wanted to use GPS for Google Maps on my iPhone and spent a couple of minutes searching for Location Services. I have the feeling that I am not the only person that had this problem so I decided to write a quick ‘tutorial’. Here it is.

To switch on and off GPS and Location Services on iPhone you need to:

  1. First, tap on general Settings icon (the one with the gear symbol)
  2. Then scroll down a little and find ‘Privacy’ settings. Tap on it.
  3. The Location Services should be the first option at the top. Tap it again.
  4. In order to switch Location Services on and off, you need to toggle the switch by tapping it.

Here are some screenshots from my iPhone for these steps:

How to switch GPS and Location Services on iPhone

Once this option is activated, below you should see all the applications that want to use it. You can allow or prevent them from doing so by tapping individual switches next to the applications.

That is all. I wish that in the future, as mobile apps using GPS get more and more popular, this option will also be more prominent in iPhones. It would be really useful to have it available in one of the menus like in Android phones. Well, we will see 🙂

I think that was very simple, but please let me know if you have any questions.

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