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How to stop words capitalisation in Microsoft Word and in Google docs

Today quick and easy tutorial how to stop words from being capitalised at the beginning of the sentence in Google docs and Microsoft Word. I was making some notes in Google docs document the other day, and had to write some code in ruby programming language. The default option was to capitalise letters which, in this particular case, was not required. I have changed the words back to small caps only to have the same problem a few lines later. If you have the same issues, it is better to change the general setting and stop the program to change letters completely. Here is how to do in Google docs and Microsoft word.

How to stop automatic words capitalisation in Google docs

Changing settings is very straightforward. After you log on to your Google docs account, open one of your existing documents or start a new document. Click on Tools from the top menu and then click Preferences as indicated below with the green frame:
Stop words from being capitalised in Google docs

A small pop up window will appear. The first option at the top is Automatically capitalise words. Because the letters were changing, it is probably marked. To change this option you need to click on the box and unselect it:

Unmark Automatically capitalise words

After you unselected the box, do not forget to submit the change by clicking on OK button below. That is all, the letters at the beginning of sentences in this and other documents will not change. Of course, you can go back to the box and mark Automatically capitalise words if you want to have this option switched on later on.

How to stop automatic words capitalisation in Microsoft Word

I have got Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus installed but the steps with other version of Office should be similar. First we need to find this particular settings for letter capitalisation. I click on the File menu in the top-left corner of open Word document and then click Options:

Microsoft Word options

This should open a larger window with many options. First I click on the Proofing on the left-hand side. Then, I click AutoCorrect Options as shown below:

AutoCorrect Options

Like with Google docs, you will have access to some Auto correct settings. The second from the top is Capitalize first letter of a sentence. To prevent this from happening, you need to unselect the checkbox and confirm your choice by clicking OK button below:

AutoCorrect Options

That is all, close the main window with settings. When you start writing, the program will not change the first letters in the sentence.

I hope you have found it useful and now know how to sort this issue out. If you have any problems, please use the comments below to ask me any question regarding this topic.

Incidentally, a few weeks after this tutorial I wrote a similar one for Mac and MacBook users. You can check it here: Auto capitalization on Mac and MacBook.

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