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How to send photo from iPhone to MacBook

In today’s quick tutorial, you will learn how to quickly send pictures and other files for your iPhone to your Mac computer using AirDrop.

I send pictures to my computer all the time and before when I had an Android phone, I was usually attaching them to my emails and sending them to myself 🙂 Then, I would go to my PC, log on my Gmail account and go to sent folder. This worked fine but, luckily, there’s even an easier way to send files on Apple products. This way is called Airdrop. With AirDrop, you can instantly share your documents, photos, videos, and more with other Apple devices that are nearby. In this scenario, we will see how to send a photo from iPhone to MacBook but you can transfer files the other way around or to iPads or even iPods touch.

How to send pictures from iPhone to MacBook

First things first, make sure that both your iPhone and MacBook are connected to WiFi and have got Bluetooth switched on.

Go to the Photos and choose the photo you want to send.

Tap Share icon as indicated below:

Tap Share icon

The photo should shrink and be marked by a small blue round tick. You can actually mark other photos by scrolling left and pressing inactive round icons on them:

Mark all the photos you want to send

Last step is to actually send the photo(s). A few options should be displayed allowing the photo (or photos) to be shared. Of course, you can send it in an email, text it, post it on Facebook and so on but we are now interested in sending it to MacBook.

The AirDrop option is displayed just below the pictures. If the iPhone can see the MacBook it should display its name in a round icon (if it cannot see the device, double check if Bluetooth and Wifi are on).

Tap the icon to send the picture. As soon as you tap it the transfer will begin and a few seconds later your MacBook should automatically display your photo or photos. This is how it looks on my computer:

Photo is displayed the MacBook

That’s all. You have just successfully transferred your photos from iPhone to MacBook. If you want to reverse the process and transfer the files back to your iPhone (let’s say you have done some picture editing), use AirDrop menu in the Finder. You basically drag and drop a file into the AirDrop menu and then into the iPhone icon. Please have a look at a screenshot from my computer:

Sending photo back from Macbook to iPhone

How to send photos from iPhone to MacBook and from MacBook to iPhone – video tutorial

If you prefer to see this tutorial in a video form, please have a look at the clip I have recently published on YouTube where I show how to send files:

I hope you have found this useful. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

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