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How to send PDF to Amazon Kindle via email

Most people who use Amazon Kindle usually read e-books downloaded directly from Amazon website. From time to time however, some of them may need to upload to the device a file from a different source. It may be a PDF file bought elsewhere for instance.

In this tutorial you will find out how to quickly send PDF file to your Amazon Kindle via email.

Sending PDF file to Amazon Kindle via email in 3 steps

This method is very easy. To send books to Kindle you just need to send an email with this PDF in the attachment to a special email that is linked to your Amazon Kindle account. Sounds complicated but it is not. OK, let’s put this information into easy to read steps.

#1 Find your Amazon Kindle email address

First things first. In first step you need to find out what your Amazon Kindle email address is (every Amazon Kindle user gets one when they register their device). Open your Amazon Kindle device and go to the main screen. In the right top hand corner press on the Menu (three dots) and then choose Settings.

Find your Amazon Kindle email address

Then press My Account.

Go to My Account

At the very bottom you should see Send-to-Kindle Email area and your special email address that is linked to your Kindle account. Copy it somewhere.

Copy Kindle email address

#2 Send an email with PDF in attachment

You need to have PDF file ready stored in your computer and have got also access to your email account. Log on and create a new message.

In “To” field put the email address you copied in step 1. Add the PDF file as the attachment (very important) and send the message. Both the subject of the message and the content of the message can be blank. If you use Gmail you will get get an error message “Send this message without a subject or text in the body?”. Click OK and ignore it. Send the message by clicking on Send button.

Send an email with PDF in attachment

#3 Open and synchronise your Amazon Kindle

After a minute or two, open your Amazon Kindle and connect it to the internet. Your device should automatically synchronise and the PDF file should be available in your library. If it is not, open the library and display recent items (choose “Recent” from the menu).
Open and synchronise your Amazon Kindle

In my case the new document was available in Kindle in less than a minute but if you are sending larger file or have slow internet connection it may take a couple of minutes. If the PDF file is not there after several minutes, you probably mistyped the email address. Go back to steps 1 and 2 and double-check.

Video tutorial

I have also created a short video tutorial with this topic for Youtube. If you prefer to see all this information in video format, please have a look:

How to email books to Kindle : video tutorial

One more thing. It is possible to change your Kindle email address that is used for uploading files. If you want to change it into something more memorable, go to Amazon website and log on. Click on Your Account in the top menu. Then click on “Content and devices” in “Digital content and devices” section. You need to click on the “Settings” tab to the right and scroll down a little. You will see “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings”, if you read e-books on multiple devices there may be more email addresses there. Just click on the Edit link and change the address.

I hope that you had found it useful and know already how to send a PDF to your Amazon Kindle. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

A few weeks after this tutorial, I created a similar one that can also be helpful. Please have a look: How to upload PDF ebook to Amazon Kindle via USB.

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