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How to right click on a Mac … I mean MacBook

Trying to right-click on MacBook and nothing happens? Here’s what to do…

I recently bought my first MacBook and I encountered following problem. When I connected the mouse, everything seemed to be working just fine and I could use right-click. However, when I was using the Trackpad, I couldn’t right-click to activate context menu. I mean, I could click it but nothing was happening.

Also, when browsing the net, I frequently want to open link in a new tab. Again, when I pressed Trackpad in the right low corner to activate context menu and choose Open in new tab option, the browser just plainly opened the site in the same tab.

If you have got similar problem, here some information what you need to do.

The default behaviour of MacBook is different from Windows. To activate context menu, you do not press the right low corner of the Trackpad. Instead, you tap the Trackpad with two fingers.

So if you have this problem, do it now, tap the trackpad with two fingers. You should see the pop-up context menu. I think this is pretty neat solution, probably slightly faster than going to the corner and clicking. So in the end, I left it unchanged but you can customise it if you want to have the same behaviour as in Windows.

How to activate right-click on Mac

#1 Go to System Preferences (the easiest way is to click gear icon in the Dock) and then choose Trackpad.

#2 Choose Point & Click tab in menu at the top

#3 On the left-hand side, you will find Secondary click area:

How to right click on a Mac

You will find there 3 choices:

* Click or tap with two fingers (default)

* Click in bottom right corner (like in Windows)

* Click in the left corner

#4 Finally, choose Click in bottom right corner option

Each option in Secondary click area is self-explanatory but you can still see a short demonstration clip and see exactly what is going on.

As mentioned, initially I also wanted Windows behaviour which is clicking in the right corner but I think the two finger tapping is actually a bit better.

But, of course, choose the option you like the most. To confirm, close the System Preferences by clicking on the red x. The change will have immediate effect.

That is all, I hope that now you know how to right click on MacBook. Please let me know if you have any questions below regarding this topic.

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  1. There is little difference between the normal touchpad and the touchpad of the MacBook so if you are new to Macbook then you will face some issues like how to right click how to go back in chrome etc.

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