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How to shotdown or restart Windows computer with a single mouse click

I think that we will all agree that closing down Windows or restarting it is not really problematic. That does not mean that we cannot improve things and make them slightly even better. I will show you in a moment how to create some shortcuts to shutdown or restart your PC with a single click. I hope that even a few people will appreciate this tip and use it.

How to shutdown or restart Windows with a single click

First you need to create a desktop shortcut. Right click, then New > Shortcut.

Create desktop shortcut

Then in “Type the location of the item:” type precisely the following:

SHUTDOWN -s -t 01

Type SHUTDOWN -s -t 01

You can either copy it from this page or type it really carefully, including spaces or the command will not work.

Then click on Next button and give your shortcut a name. You can put Shut Down, Exit Windows or anything you like.

The shortcut will work fine, when you click on it it will shut your computer down. The only issue is that the generic icon does not look great. But you can change it. After you created your shortcut, right-click on it and open its Properties. Then click on Change icon button and choose the icon you like.

Change icon

I think that some of the icons from Windows icon folder look good, but if cannot find anything interesting, you can use always other files of your choice. To do so, you click on the button Browse and point to the icon file of your choice.

That is all really. You can also repeat the whole process and create shortcuts for restarting Windows. In this case in file location type:

SHUTDOWN -r -t 01

There is also possibility to create a shortcut to Log off from Windows, if you for instance co-work on the same computer with other people or use family PC and do not want to shut the computer completely. Follow the same process, the file location in this case will be:


How to shut your Windows PC with a single click

If you prefer to have all this information in video format, please have a look at my Youtube video:

I hope you had found it useful and by using this tip save a few precious seconds 🙂 Stay tuned for more Windows tutorials and other cool tips.

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