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How to find out what Facebook knows about you

We all heard about Facebook data sharing controversy. I personally think that the best way to avoid situations like this is not to publish your private information online. Of course, easier said that done and many people, including myself, had put things there already and want to regain control of personal data.

I am not sure when this change was introduced but now Facebook allows checking what information the company has about users. In other words, we could check what data about us was collected and, perhaps, shared.

It makes sense to do this check as this will give us some information and may help us with either changing personal data or completely remove it. Facebook offers both options but in this tutorial we will focus on downloading Facebook data. Here’s a few steps how we can do it:

How to download Facebook data

1. First, log on to your Facebook account. In the right corner you will see a small triangle icon. Click it and from the drop-down menu choose Settings.

Facebook settings

2. You will see General Account Settings. Right at the top there should be a blue box with the information and link: To download your information, go to your Facebook information. Click the blue link.

your facebook information

3. A few options here again. Second from the top should be: Download your information. Click link View on the right.

download facebook information

4. In the last section, you will be able to choose some options. You can choose a specific date range (if you want to see what data was collected for instance last month). You can also choose the format and Media quality. Below, it is possible to choose what specific data you want to download (like your posts, comments, photos, videos and so on). Once you are happy with your selection, click the button Create File.

Facebook create File

You will have to wait a few hours before the file will be created. You will get a notification via email once it is ready to download. Also, be aware that the link to download a file will be live for a couple days only, so do not late too long before the download (if you are too late, just send another request).

That is all this time. I hope that you had found this information useful and it will help you to get hold of your personal data. It is really eye-opening how much personal data Facebook has.

Stay tuned for more easy tech tips and tutorials 🙂

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