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How to download video from Facebook

In today’s tutorial I wil explain how you can download a video from Facebook. This tutorial is intended for users who download videos for their private use. Remember, you shouldn’t publish someone else’s copyrighted work if you don’t have permission.

3 steps to download video from Facebook

#1 Find and copy video URL address

First, you need to check what is video URL address. You probably see the video in the stream with all other updates so it is not clear what its address is. To see it, you need to start watching video in the full screen mode. Just click on enlarge video icon (two arrows in opposite directions) as indicated below.

Facebook video

The video should be now in full screen and in your browser search bar there should be URL address. In my case it was: but, of course, yours will be different although in the same format. Copy the address to your clipboard – select it, press Ctr+A and Ctr+C on your keyboard (Command+A and Command+C on Mac).

#2 Visit

Now, open the next tab in your browser and visit It is a tool that will help you to download the video. Paste the video URL address from the clipboard to the bar saying ‘Enter Facebook Video Link’ by pressing Ctr+V or Command+V on Mac (you can also use right click on your mouse and choose Paste option). Then click download button on the right.

fbdown website

#3 Download the video

After a few seconds, two links should appear: Download Video in Normal Quality and Download Video in HD Quality (marked green below). Click the link of preferred quality, the download should start automatically. When finished, you should find the video in the download folder of your computer.

download facebook video

That’s all really. There are other websites that can help you but I found very effective. If you use Chrome, you can also use extension called: FBDown Video Downloader. Once installed, you do not need to visit the page. Just open Facebook Video in Full mode, click the extention icon in your browser and choose the video quality.

I hope you have found it useful. More easy online tutorials to come soon.

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