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How to download audio from YouTube

There are situations in life when we want to listen to audio from YouTube videos but do not have access to the internet 🙂

I learn French language at the moment and would like to use many of great resources available on YouTube. The first problem is that I do not have access to the internet all the time. And even when I do, I do not want actually to watch videos as it takes a lot of bandwidth, I just want to listen to audio.

Luckily there is a quick and easy solution. It is possible to save and download audio files from YouTube in a few different formats: mp3, m4a, flac, wma and wave.

Before we start, a short disclaimer. This is a tutorial for responsible users only. When copying and downloading audio files from YouTube make sure that do not break copyright law and seek owner’s permission to do so. Do not make these sound tracks available to anybody, they should be for personal use only.

How to save and download audio tracks from YouTube

It is relatively easy. First of all, visit YouTube and find the video you want the audio from. Then, click the URL address in the browser of the video. Next, right click on the same address and copy it. Alternatively, after you clicked it first time, press Ctr + C on your keyboard.

At this stage the URL address should be copied to the clipboard of your computer.

To download audio from your chosen track you do not have to actually install any software. There are some online tools that will help you. From what I see I think that the best one is (the other quite good is

Visit the website, you should see something similar to this:
How to download sound track from YouTube

Paste the link from YouTube in the box provided (again you can right-click and choose Paste or press Ctr + V from the keyboard).

Once the YouTube video URL is inserted, choose the file format you want. I think that mp3 format will work the best for majority of people. After choosing the format, click the download button. The ready to download file in chosen format will be listed just below, it will look similar to this:

Save audio file to your hard drive or to Google drive

As you can see, you can either quickly download it to your computer or save it to Google drive. If you choose the first option and have the mp3 file on your computer, you can easily transfer it to your phone or tablet and listen to it on the go.

I hope you have found it informative and now know how to download sound tracks in mp3 format from YouTube. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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