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How to display most recent email replies on top in Mac

I have recently bought MacBook and after using it for a few months I still find some features I want to change or tweak. These may be small little things like displaying time and date in format I like or, and this post is about it, changing the order of email replies in Mail app.

If you your Mail app for managing your emails, you will find that default option when reading an email conversation is, that the old messages are on top and the newest ones at the bottom. In other words, you have an opportunity to read all the email exchanges before reaching the latest response at the bottom. It may sense if you read emails of somebody from your team or suffer from memory loss, but for me personally it would be better to reverse this order and see the latest reply at the top. I usually remember the content of previous emails and even if I don’t I can quickly go back and read it.

Sorry for this long introduction, I hope you know what it is all about. If you have the same problem and want to see the email replies at the top, follow these few steps.

How to display email replies on top in Mail app

Open the app and from the top menu choose Mail and Preferences (you can also press Command + , )

Mail Preferences on MacBook

Click the fifth tab from the left, it is Viewing

Viewing tab in Mail app

As indicated below, at the bottom of the Preferences window you should see Conversation options. The one at the very bottom is Show most recent messages at the top. Click to select it.

Show most recent messages

That is all, close the Preferences options. Your Mail app from now on should display the recent messages at the top of the conversation.

There are other useful options in Mail Preferences that can explore later. You can tweak fonts, display emails in classic view, set up your signatures, rules and so on.

I hope you have found it useful. Please use the comments below if you have any questions regarding this topic.

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