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How to create Skype account

In today’s tutorial you will find out how to create Skype account. There are probably a few different methods of doing so. Surely you can use one of Skype applications on a mobile phone or tablet, but for convenience, I will use Skype website. Here’s how to open the account.

First head to, in the right-top corner you will see a link Sign in. Click it and small drop-down menu should appear. At the very bottom you should see a link New to Skype? Sign up. Click it.

Click on New to Skype? Sign up

Now you will have to fill out some forms with personal information. To start with, you will be presented with following screen and ask to give your phone number and create password:

Open Skype account with phone number

Make sure that the country of your residence is correct. Put your phone number and password and click Next.

You do not have to use your phone number. You can also create your Skype account using email. I don’t want to use my phone number because it is liked already to my other Skype account. If you want to use your email, click Use your email address instead.

Create Skype account with email address

Put your email address, password and click Next.

Unfortunately, that is not all. Microsoft on following two screens wants to know your name, country of residence and date of birth.

Enter your name and date of birth

Enter required information and press Next buttons. There will be two screens for it, first for your name and second for country of residence and date of birth (in the previous screen I put them both together). Once you fill out all the information, you should be presented with this screen:

Enter your code

Microsoft wants to make sure that you have entered correct information and asks you to retrieve special code they have sent to your email. In my case it was 2125 but of course yours will be different.

Check your email

Just open another tab in your browser, go your email and see the latest messages. If you cannot find the message from Microsoft (the subject of it is ‘Verify your email address’), check your spam folder. I got my message really quickly but perhaps you need to wait a couple of minutes. Once you have found it, copy the security code from the message to the Skype registration form and click Next.

If in previous steps you have used your phone number, you should get a text message with the code. Again, just enter the code from the message into the box and click Next again.

You are almost there 🙂 The last thing is to ‘prove’ that it is a real person not internet bot that creates this account. In following screen you find CAPTCHA, special code intended to distinguish human from machine input. You need to read the code and type it. If you have problem with recognising characters, click on the New button. People with impaired vision can also listen to the code by pressing Audio button. Once you enter the code you see or hear, click Next button for the last time 🙂

Enter captcha code

Congratulations, you have just created a new Skype account!

You will be greeted with following screen. Just click Get started button and you can start using the program.

Skype account created

If you registered with email, you will get another message with some instructions how to find your friends and use Skype. I will also write about it in one of the following tutorials. Of course, you can also use Skype application in your phone, tablet, etc. You need to download the application from the marketplace and log in using the same credentials you used during registration.

I hope you have found it useful and that this information helped you to open Skype account. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this topic.

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