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How to copy color from a website or computer screen

Today a short tutorial on how to copy or find out RBG or Hex values of color from a website or any part of the computer screen you want (desktop, pictures, applications and so on).

Perhaps you have seen a nice color on the web and want to have a t-shirt in a similar color. Perhaps you want to use for your own website or maybe you want to use the same color in your logo? But how to find out what actual color has been used, its RGB values? I know and use two different methods for this purpose. The first one is using a program called ColorPick, the second one is by creating a screenshot and using photo editing software (like Photoshop or even Paint).

RBG color picker for Windows

It is very easy but you need to install a small program on your PC. Head to and download program called ColorPick. Once downloaded, open it. You will see a small window with a few elements. Here are a few steps to find out color RGB values.

  1. Create new palette: in the Palettes area, click on the New, enter the name of the pallet and click OK.
  2. Create new palette

  3. Once the new palette is created, click on the first blank chip. Now move the pointer (arrow) over the color you like. The color will be displayed in the Color section and the values of the color will be populated.
  4. Now press on your keyboard Ctr + G to “grab” the color into the palette. The color will be copied into the pallet and all the values will be saved. If you need another color, click on the next chip, point the color with the cursor and press Ctr + G again to grab it.
  5. Grab some colors

  6. All the color values are saved and are accesible if you click on any of the saved chips. Just click on the cheap and read the values.
  7. Read the color values

Using ColorPic is perfect for saving any color from a website or Windows application, picture and so on, anything really that is displayed on the computer screen. The only problem with this method is that it is not possible to grab a color of elements that change dynamically upon hovering of the cursor (links, buttons, some graphics). Basically, once you move the pointer over something you change its color and you will be able to grab the changed color only. In this scenario, I use the second method which is to create a screenshot of what I see.

A few months after writing this tutorial I realise that not everybody is on Windows and that the Mac users won’t be able to copy color by using ColorPick. Fortunately, there are a few decent color picker apps Mac users can use. Most of them are payable but if you do not want to spend money, you may check ColorSlurp.

Color copying is very easy, after starting the program all you have to do is to click Eyedropper tool and click on the color you want to pick. It will be saved automatically to the program. You can quickly add the color to the collection by clicking plus button. The nice thing about the app is that it is also listed in the menu bar so it is easily available whenever you want.

You can copy and save colors with ColorSlurp for free, but there is also a premium version of the app giving you some extra options like additional color formats, swatches, recent colors etc.

Method 2: creating screenshot and pasting it into graphics program

OK, here are a few steps to find out color values:

  1. Display the color you are interested in on your computer screen. Then create a screenshot of of what is displayed by pressing prt sc key on your keyboard (sometimes it is the first key to the right from F12).
  2. Create screen shot

  3. Open a program for photo editing (for instance Photoshop).
  4. If the new file is not automatically created, create it (use menu, sometimes shortcut Ctr + n works as well).
  5. Paste the screenshot you had taken in step one into the new file by pressing Ctr + v on the keyboard.
  6. Paste the screen shot into Photoshop

  7. Find colorpick tool and click on the color from screenshot you are after. The values of the pointed color should be displayed.
  8. Use Color Pick Tool

If you do not have any photo editing software installed on your PC, you can always use Paint, a program installed with your Windows. Here are the steps:

  1. As before, display the color you want on your computer screen and create a screenshot by pressing Prt Sc on your keyboard.
  2. Create screen shot

  3. Click on the windows icon on low left corner of your screen and start typing “Paint”. You you cannot find it this way, the program should be located in this folder of your computer: C:Windowssystem32 .
  4. Open Paint

  5. Open Paint and press Ctr + v to paste the screenshot.
  6. Grab a Color picker tool and click on the color of your choice to activate it.
  7. Use Color Picker tool

  8. Click on the Edit colors, small window with colors should pop out and you will be able to check RGB values of your color.
  9. Check color RGB values

If you need other values, for instance Hex or CMYK, use this Color Converter, put the RGB values of your color and other values will be populated.

Video tutorial

If you have any problems with checking the color values, please have a look at this video where I explain how to do it.

I hope this was valuable, please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

2 thoughts on “How to copy color from a website or computer screen

  1. How to copy color values on Mac? I think that the program you describe is not available for Mac users.

  2. There is also a nice rgb color picker for Mac I have been using for a few months now and I can recommend. It is called colorSlurp, I think I have bought it for a dollar or so, but it is very good and you can find rgb color values in seconds.

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