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How to connect iPad to Bluetooth speaker

This is the actually a question my mum asked me the other day. She wants to listen to Spotify on her wireless Sony Bluetooth speaker but are is not sure how to connect ot to her iPad.

It is relatively easy, to connect connect iPad to Bluetooth speaker we need to do following steps.

Pairing iPad and Bluetooth speaker

#1 Make the speaker discoverable

Make the speaker discoverable

First step is to pair both devices, once we achieve that they should automatically any time Bluetooth connection is activated. To pair two devices we need to switch on Bluetooth speaker and choose the mode so it can be discovered. At home I have Bose SoundLink Mini so I will write what to do in this case but you may need to refer tho manufacturer’s instruction. In my case, all I have to do is to press the Bluetooth button on the speaker to make the speaker discoverable. The Bluetooth indicator on speaker will blink blue to show that the speaker
is discoverable.

#2 Pair speaker with your iPad

Pair speaker with your iPad

Second step: you need to open you iPad, go to general settings and and tap on Bluetooth. Then you need to toggle a switch “Bluetooth” on the right hand side of the screen. If the blue light is still flashing on the speaker, your iPad should discover it (if not do quickly step 1). The speaker should be listed in the “OTHER DEVICES” section. To pair both devices you need to tap it. The speaker should move to “MY DEVICES” section and also the connection should be updated to “Connected”. Both devices are now paired and connected.

Both devices paired and connected

Once you initially paired both gadgets any time in the future when you switch Bluetooth on both devices they should connect automatically. When this happens, it is now just the matter of only starting Spotify or any other audio application on the iPad, to listen to the sound on the speaker. To close the connection you need to switch off power of the speaker and switch off Bluetooth on iPad (again you can either go to general settings or move your finger from the bottom of the screen up to activate bottom menu, one of the icon there is for Bluetooth).

You can also easily delete the devices that have been paired before. To do so, go to the Settings/Bluetooth toggle the switch on. In the MY DEVICES section tap on the round “i icon” and then “Forget This Device”. If you do so, the devices will not connect automatically and you will have to retake steps number 1 and 2 first.

Forget the device

Of course this process may look a bit different depending on the speaker you want to use. But generally on many speakers there are two modes: one for initial pairing when the speaker is discoverable and second for simply switching the Bluetooth. Initially you need to pair the device using the first mode and then as soon as you switch Bluetooth on, it will look for paired devices to connect.

That is all this time, I hope you found it useful. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. great info to share , It’s really helpful to me, thanks

    1. Thanks a lot, Kyle, I hope you connected your iPad to Bluetooth speaker without any problems.

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