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How to change Skype profile picture

I visited my Skype online account the other day and noticed that my profile picture is quite dated. I decided to change it but it turned out not to be so easy.

I visited, logged into my account, clicked on my profile picture and then click on the Edit profile button. From there I could change many things, my name, address, email, date of birth, even gender 🙂 But I could not find the option to swap the picture 🙁

Initially I thought that somehow Skype copies profile picture from my Gmail account (at that time it was the same). But it was not the case, I have change Gmail profile picture and nothing changed on Skype. A few minutes later I figured out how to do it, here 3 easy steps that you need to take.

Change Skype profile picture in 3 steps

From what I gather it looks like you just simply cannot change your picture when you log to Skype account via www. The only way to do so, is to edit your profile in one of the Skype applications or programs you are using to communicate. I use the application downloaded from Microsoft Store, so I will show you how you can change your Skype profile picture there, but it should be similar in other applications.

So again, if you are logged out you need to log in again. You should see something like this:

Log on to Skype application

Click the profile picture in the left-top corner. A bigger window should pop out with some basic information about your account. Again, you need to click your profile picture:

Click again your Skype profile picture

Another window will appear saying Manage Profile Picture. You will find 3 options below it. You can use your webcam to make a new picture (first from the left), you can upload a picture from your PC or you can delete your current picture (in my case I have a nice avatar created in Photoshop from my real picture, so I will upload this from my PC). Choose your preferred option, your new picture should appear in the box. You can also zoom in and move the picture to show exactly what you want. Once you are happy with the final result, click the Save button.

Point to a new picture, adjust the settings and save

That is all really, you can close ‘Manage Profile Picture’ window and the new picture should be displayed in any Skype application you use. I have quickly checked Skype online and yes, it was uploaded really quickly and my online profile also has a new picture.

I hope you have found this useful and managed to change Skype profile pic in no time. Please let me know if you have any questions.

2 thoughts on “How to change Skype profile picture

  1. When I change skype profile picture as you describe, will it update the pictures on all the devices where I use the skype?

    1. Hi Greg, the pictures should update everywhere.

      I have run a quick experiment to check. I updated my Skype profile picture on my Macbook. A few seconds later my picture on my mobile phone also updated.

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