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How to change PC display for night time and sleep better

Looking at your desktop or laptop screen just before going to bed may interfere with your ability to fall asleep. I do not have exact science behind it, but I suspect that when you see bright light your brain ‘thinks’ it is the middle of the day and will not let you sleep.

I myself certainly experienced it. I often use my laptop in the evening in bed (watching Netflix, Youtube videos, browsing the net and so on) and quite often struggle to fall asleep. Of course, there maybe some other reasons that cause my ‘insomnia’ but I think it makes sense to change the display to ‘Night light’ and see if this helps. Making the change in Windows 10 is very easy.

How to change your Windows 10 display to Night light

First you need to go to Display settings of your computer. You can either click here:

Open Display settings

or click on Windows icon in the left-bottom corner, start typing Display and click Change display settings (the whole path is Start > Settings > System > Display).

Once you get there, you should be presented with the screen below. At the top, you will see Color and Night light setting. It is currently set to Off, click the switch to change it to On.

Switch on the Night light

Once you activate this option, the warmer, easier on your eyes, colours will be displayed after 9 pm but if you are not happy with the time or you can tweak the colours further, click on Night light settings directly below the switch (this link is in the green frame screenshot above). You should see something similar to this:

Night light settings

As you can see, we have a few options here. You can preview and change the colour temperature of the display (move the slide left or right to do so). I personally think, that the default colours for Night lights are spot on. Also, if you go to bed in very early or late, changing Schedule will allow you to decide when the Night light will be switch on and off. Here’s how it looks like when you change it into On:

Night light Schedule

That is all really. If your PC will be on between the scheduled time, Windows will automatically adjust colour temperature of the display.

I have also created Youtube tutorial about this topic. If you prefer to watch video, please find it below.

How to switch Night light on Windows PC and sleep better

I hope you have found this tutorial useful and now know how to change your Windows PC display settings for the night time. What is more important, I hope this will improve, even slightly, your sleep quality.

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions regarding this topic.

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