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How do I change my iPhone lock screen wallpaper?

If you are asking yourself the question How do I change my iPhone lock screen wallpaper? this tutorial is for you 🙂 I will show you how to do it in less than 2 minutes.

Before we start, a short explanation. As you probably know, there are two types of Screen behaviours on the iPhone. They are called Lock Screen and Home Screen and you can have either two separate wallpapers on each screen or have got the same wallpaper on both. You see your Home screen when your iPhone is unlocked when you can tap the icons and use apps. The Locked Screen, as the name suggests, is visible when your iPhone is locked.

In this tutorial, we will focus on changing iPhone lock screen wallpaper but changing home screen is pretty much the same (you use the image and you are asked if you want to set this up as Home Screen, as Lock Screen or as both).

OK, after clarifying this, let’s follow the step by step guide to change the lock screen wallpaper.

How to change iPhone lock screen wallpaper

1. Firstly, tap your iPhone settings icon.

iPhone settings

2. You should see your phone settings. Among them Wallpaper (see screenshot below). Please tap it.

iPhone wallpaper settings

3. You will see the wallpapers that are currently set. On the left is lock screen wallpaper and on the right home screen wallpaper.

Just above you will see Choose a New Wallpaper option as indicated below in green. Please tap it.

Choose a New Wallpaper

4. On the next screen, you will find some options allowing you to find the Wallpaper you want. You can either use iPhone default Wallpapers at the top.

There are three choices Dynamic, Stills and Live. You need an iPhone 6s or later to use Live Photo and Live wallpaper. I personally go for still wallpaper as the other ones can drain the battery.

You can also use your own pictures below. Again there are some categories allowing you to quickly find a good picture (like Favourites, Selfies, Screenshots and so on).

available iPhone Wallpapers

5. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will I go to Still Wallpapers and tap on the first picture showing the Earth from Space.

choosing iPhone wallpaper

6. The picture should open and at the bottom, you will see two options. Still, when you choose the picture will stay still when you tilt the screen. You can also choose Perspective (this is the default), the wallpaper will move as you tilt your screen.

This also seems to depend on the iPhone you have and with my iPhone 6s it seems not to work 🙁 It is no so important, we need to change the wallpaper after all. Please tap the Set button to see further options (screenshot below).

choos additional settings

7. I have mentioned this already. Now you have a choice where you want to use your new Wallpaper. Choose Home Screen, Lock Screen or Set Both.

confirm settings

8. The new wallpaper should be visible straight away. Check if this is the case by going to the Home screen and pressing the side button twice to see the Lock screen. The picture below shows what I see after changing the wallpaper (this is a locked screen).

new iPhone wallpaper for locked screen

That is pretty much all you need to know to change your iPhone wallpaper however there is perhaps an even easier option. Read just a few easy steps below.

Changing iPhone lock screen wallpaper directly from photos

If you want to use one of your pictures or a picture downloaded from the internet, you do not even have to go to the settings’ menu to change the wallpaper.

Go to the Photos folder and open the picture you want to use. Then tap the Share button in the left-down corner of the screen. Now on the right, as indicated below, find a Use as Wallpaper icon and tap it (if you do not see this icon, scroll icons to the left).

iphone settings

That should take you to the same spot as discussed before (point 6) where you choose between Still and Perspective and tap Set button.

That is all for today. I hope this information will help you out with setting a new Wallpaper for your iPhone locked screen. As always, please feel free to use the comments below if you have any problems or questions regarding this topic. Thanks a lot!

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  1. Want to change the wallpaper on your iPhone? You can choose an Apple image or one of your own photos. Learn how.

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