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Auto capitalization on Mac and MacBook

In today’s tutorial we will learn how to switch on and off character auto-capitalization on Mac or MacBook. I recently wrote a similar tutorial for Microsoft Word and Google Docs users, if can check it here: How to stop words capitalization in Microsoft Word and in Google docs.

I am currently trying to learn how to program and while doing some courses, I try to make so notes. Because in my notes there is a lot of code, I did not like auto-capitalization and turned off. But, using the same setting, you can also switch it on, if you wish so.

I am using a MacBook Pro with macOS Sierra 10.12.6 but I can imagine that in other devices using this option will be similar. OK, let’s start, it is going to be very short tutorial 🙂

How to switch on and off character auto-capitalization on Mac and MacBook

First you need to go to System Preferences. If you have a gear icon in your Dock, click it. Alternatively, click Apple logo in the left top corner and choose System preferences from drop-down menu:

Open system preferences

Then click on the Keyboard icon.

Click Keyboard icon

After you opened options for your Mac Keyboard, you will see the menu with some further links: Keyboard, Text, Shortcuts, Input Sources and Dictation. We are interested in Text tab, click on it.

On the right-hand side you will find the option Capitalize words automatically. In my computer, as you can see below, it is unmarked so the characters at the beginning of the sentence do not get capitalized. If you want it to happen, you need to click the checkbox and leave it marked.

Capitalize words automatically

You do not need to confirm it, just close the window by clicking the red dot. I think it is a good idea to check if everything works as intended. Open a blank document, start typing and check if words get capitalized.

Depending on your choice, the letters should or should not capitalize across all the word editing applications. On my Mac I use a few different word editors and email app, and this capitalizes words option seems to include all of them. It may be possible however that some applications from iTunes can override this general option. If this happens, you may need to check the setting of a particular app.

I have also created a short YouTube video in case you prefer to see this information in a video format:

How to turn on and off auto capitalization on Mac

That is all today, I hope you now know how to switch on and off character auto-capitalization on Mac and MacBook. Please feel free to write a comment if you have any questions.